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Don’t miss these 5 Shenyang winter attractions!

Updated : 2018-12-14

During Shenyang International Tourism Festival, five of the city’s top tourist attractions plan to hold a series of activities to celebrate the event. Whatever you’re into, there’s guaranteed to be something that interests you at one of these great attractions:

1. Qipanshan (Qipan Mountain) Ice and Snow World

As the main venue of the 2018-2019 Shenyang International Ice and Snow Festival, Qipanshan Ice and Snow World has received investment of more than 30 million yuan ($4.42 million) to build an ice chess park that has 19 chessboards (all made from ice); it also has Weiqi (the Chinese name for “go”) and Chinese checkers. The venue’s Chinese chessboard covers an area of 80,000 square meters. And its ice entertainment area offers more than 30 games, as well as snow mountain surfing.

The ice sculpture park covers an area of 30,000 sq m, and includes a range of ice sculptures as well as an area where it stages a large ice and snow show.

With a stage area of 6,000 sq m, the show is performed twice daily during the week and three times at weekends, with performers demonstrating ice stunts to entertain visitors.

During this year’s ice and snow festival, Qipanshan Ice and Snow World will use VR audiovisual technologies to give visitors a new way to experience the attraction.

2. Shenyang International Cultural Lantern Festival at Shenyang Expo Garden

This year’s Shenyang International Cultural Lantern Festival will be held at Shenyang Expo Garden from Jan 28 to Feb 24.

The festival will exhibit a series of unique lanterns to highlight China’s progress over the past 40 years of reform and opening up. One lantern measures 45 meters tall and 8 meters wide and has been designed in the local style of Liaoning.

Temple fairs and other activities will also be held during the event.

3. Guandong (Northeast China) Movie and TV Town

The 10th Shengjing lantern fair will be held from Feb 6 to 20 at Guangdong Movie and TV Town. By taking part in various performances held around the town, tourists can enjoy the distinctive folk customs of Northeast China.

More than 130 stylish houses will be lit up together for the first time to form a unique scene.

4. Northeastern Asia Skiing Resort

The Northeastern Asia Skiing Resort has undergone improvements in four key areas since last year.

First, new facilities and equipment will be available, such as snow-making machines and snow-pressing vehicles to ensure the softness and quality of the snow.

Second, supporting facilities have been improved. Shuangquan Villa in the skiing resort offers 16 guest rooms, multi-functional conference rooms, and a number of restaurants serving different types of cuisine, with each able to a accommodate 100 diners.

Third, more convenient methods of payment are now accepted. Visitors only need to follow the WeChat account of “Northeastern Asia Skiing Resort” to buy tickets, pay deposits, book dinner reservations and make accommodation reservations.

Fourth, additional convenient services are to be provided for guests. The resort is now equipped with a water purification system and provides many free services for skiers.

Northeastern Asia Skiing Resort will hold a series of activities in 2019, including the third alpine skiing championship of Liaoning province and an ice and snow tourism culture forum.

5. Shenyang Forest Zoo

Shenyang Forest Zoo offers special promotions in winter. Tourists who buy tickets on Dec 18, 2018 can enjoy 50 percent off, and anyone buying a ticket from Jan 1 to Feb 28 can enjoy a 20 percent discount.

In addition, Shenyang Tourism Group will cooperate with Huanggu district government to provide free winter sports classes at more than 15 elementary and secondary schools in the district, promoting ice and snow sports to more people.

This winter, visitors will get to enjoy the unique charms of Shenyang, by viewing beautiful lanterns, taking part in ice and snow sports, visiting temple fairs, and experiencing authentic local customs.

Don’t miss these 5 Shenyang winter attractions!

Ice sculptures pictured at Qipan Mountain Ice and Snow World in Shenyang [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Don’t miss these 5 Shenyang winter attractions!

Ice sculptures illuminated at Qipan Mountain Ice and Snow World [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]


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