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Theme 3: Trace the Republic of China

Updated : 2018-08-23

Guide: Morning –– Visit Marshal Zhang's Mansion. The mansion was once owned by Zhang Zuolin, the former warlord of Manchuria (the old name for Northeast China), and his son Zhang Xueliang, a famous patriot. It is now the largest and best-preserved residence of famous people in Northeast China.

Noon –– Savor both home-style and official-style cuisine in a dining room at Kelong Hotel.

Afternoon –– Visit Shenyang Financial Museum, the largest financial museum in China that offers the widest range of exhibits and the most numerous interactive exhibits. Its four exhibits of Approaching the Financial World have won the title of Top Ten National Museum Exhibits.

Dinner –– Bao Fa Yuan is always the choice for dinner. The “four famous dishes” – fried liver, pork kidney, scrambled eggs and fried meatballs – will definitely whet your appetite. Then you can stroll around Zhongjie Street, one of China’s most prosperous streets with a history going back over 370 years. Lastly, go to Liu Laogen Stage for the joyous errenzhuan, a two-person musical folk performance popular in Northeast China.

Theme 3: Trace the Republic of China

Marshal Zhang's Mansion [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]


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