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Theme 4: Tour Shenyang’s Museums

Updated : 2018-08-23

Route 1

Guide: Morning –– Visit Liaoning Provincial Museum, the first comprehensive museum built after the founding of New China in 1949. Then visit Shenyang Science Centrum, which covers 36,000 square meters and has four major themes: science popularization, conferences and exhibitions, communication and training, and entertainment and education.

Noon –– Have lunch at Na Jia Lao Yuan Zi, enjoying traditional northeastern dishes such as fried pork in scoop and stewed chicken with mushroom.

Afternoon –– Visit Shenyang Xinle Ancient Ruins Museum, which is based on Xinle Archeological Site, the ancient tribal site of a matriarchal clan society that lived at the beginning of the Neolithic Age 7,200 years ago. It has a collection of 10,000 Neolithic antiquities and depicts prehistoric cultural development in Shenyang. Then visit the 9.18 Historical Museum that fully documents the September 18th Incident of 1931, which saw Japanese military forces attack Shenyang and Chinese people fight against the invading army.

Evening –– Savor a bowl of noodles, chicken bones and beers in Laosiji Hand-pulled Noodles and then enjoy a performance at Liaoning Grand Theater. Shaped like a jade dragon, the theater presents Hongshan culture, a Neolithic culture from what is now Chifeng city, Inner Mongolia autonomous region. The complex consists of large and small theaters and multi-functional halls. It hosts a range of performances, from ballet and opera to concerts and plays.

Route 2

Guide: Morning –– Visit the Industrial Museum of China, the largest comprehensive industrial museum in the country. Ranging from the Shang Dynasty (c.16th century – 16th century BC) to the present day, its collections, including a planning map of Tiexi in 1930s and steel bars from the 1900 Chinese Eastern Railway, the exhibits detail the history of China’s industrial development. Then visit Workers’ Village Living Museum, which was designed to replicate typical workers’ dormitory buildings in Tiexi district in 1950s Shenyang. The museum highlights the living conditions, environment, and daily operations of workers back then.

Noon –– Have lunch at Ma's Steamed Dumplings, a popular and special snack in Shenyang that features springy skin, soft stuffing, peony-like shape and delicious flavor.

Afternoon –– Visit the Shenyang Model Worker Memorial Museum. The 3,000-sq-m museum represents the meritorious deeds of model workers over different periods of time in Shenyang.

Evening –– Have dinner at Morin Khuur Banquet Venue, a modern, ethnic and sophisticated entertainment center integrating performance and catering. In addition to barbecue and prairie-style food, the venue features interactive webcasts and a circular stage that hosts performances with traditional and modern Mongolian elements.

Theme 4: Tour Shenyang’s Museums

Liaoning Provincial Museum [Photo/IC]


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