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Theme 6: Tour Religious Culture

Updated : 2018-08-23

Guide: Morning –– Visit Ci’en Temple, Banruo Temple and Dafo Temple. Built in 1628, Ci'en Temple is the largest extant Buddhist temple in Shenyang. Built in 1684, Banruo Temple is made up of two building groups. Originally named Bao’an Temple, Dafo Temple, was built with black bricks and gray tiles, is said to have been built during the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and to be the place where Bhikkhuni to practiced Buddhism.

Noon –– Have lunch at the nearby vegan restaurant, enjoying foods that retain their original flavors.

Afternoon –– Visit Shenyang Catholic Church. It is the oldest catholic church in Shenyang and was built by a French priest. Burnt down in the Boxer Rebellion and reconstructed in 1912, the church is a typical example of Gothic architecture. Then visit Taiqing Palace, famous for its fortune-telling sticks. Built in 1663, the palace has combined the distinctive style of ethnic architecture with the Taoist style. The last spot is Shisheng Temple, also known as the Royal Temple. Founded in 1636, it is the largest and oldest Lama temple In Shenyang.

Night –– Have dinner at Shifu Henglong, a shopping center integrating high-quality catering, shopping and entertaining facilities. Visitors can enjoy Chinese, Western and Asian dishes in the center.

Theme 6: Tour Religious Culture

Shenyang Catholic Church [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]


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