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Theme 7: Tour Campuses

Updated : 2018-08-23

Guide: Morning –– Visit Northeastern University near the beautiful Nanhu Park. Many of its buildings have a long history. The main building features a Russian architectural style, while Hanqing Hall is named for former warlord Zhang Xueliang. Then visit Luxun Academy of Fine Arts. It was founded in Yan'an in 1938 with chairman Mao Zedong personally writing its name and motto. A statue of Luxun, a great early 20th century writer, and other sculptures stand at the school’s main square, and its art gallery holds many art exhibitions.

Noon –– Have lunch at the nearby Shenyang MIXC. This business complex offers diverse delicacies from different places around the world.

Afternoon –– Take a walk around Liaoning University. It offers beautiful scenery in summer, with the Boston ivies climbing all over the Zhejing Building and the Soviet-style red-brick teaching buildings standing erect.

Evening –– Stroll around the Tawan Xingshun night market. You can try famous snacks from all over the nation at more than 2,000 stalls.

Theme 7: Tour Campuses
Northeastern University [Photo/VCG]


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