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Theme 12: Experience Shenyang’s Comedy Culture

Updated : 2018-08-23

Guide: As a place full of happy laughter and cheerful voices, Shenyang will amuse every visitor through its unique culture of joy.

Liu Laogen Stage is the main theater for errenzhuan shows, a two-person musical folk performance popular in Northeast China. Serving as a platform for such comedians as Zhao Benshan to perform errenzhuan, the theater always resounds with the audience’s laughter.

Shameng errenzhuan of Nanfeng Grand Theater sits on Taishan Road and sees famous actors and actresses perform songs, dances, operas and instrumental performances.

Xingguang Grand Stage mainly stages errenzhuan performances but also opera, song and dance, acrobatics and magic shows, much to the amusement of visitors.

In 1905 Xinhe Xiangsheng, visitors can enjoy Chinese crosstalk given by performers who are skilled in speaking, imitating, teasing and singing. If you drive your own car during the trip, the following radio programs endowed with local culture would be your choice on the way.

Entertaining Errenzhuan is a highly amusing talk show characterized by Northeastern Chinese elements.

News Malatang is a program in which the hosts make humorous comments on the latest news.

Entertainment Honeypot is another hilarious talk show whose hostess is supremely gifted and funny.


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