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Robots help police Shenyang Railway Station

Updated : 2018-06-14

Shenyang Railway Station has introduced two robots to serve railway passengers during the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival.

Intelligent robots are one of the high-tech products used to improve services for the passengers.

“It’s so smart to have robots in the railway station,” said a passenger in the hall of the station, looking curiously at the robot policeman.

The robot policeman has a height similar to that of a primary student. Its body has a square look and feet are made of two wheels. Its eyes are two cameras, and there are also two warning lights at the back of the head, one is red and the other is green. Besides, four antennas that receive signals are also installed on its head.

Currently, there are two robot policemen going on patrol 24 hours a day in the Shenyang Railway Station, the only station in Shenyang using robots for routine patrol.

The robots can walk and go on patrol without any help from human beings, and can also automatically keep clear of passengers. Moreover, they have the capability to capture people’s facial information and help policemen arrest escaped criminals.

The cameras on the head of the robots can produce videos of the waiting room in real time. The policemen can rush to the spot right away when emergencies take place.

Robots help police Shenyang Railway Station

Two robot “police officers” pictured in the waiting hall of Shenyang Railway Station, Shenyang, Liaoning province, on June 11 [Photo/Shenyang Daily]

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