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Shopping in Shenyang

Updated : 2017-12-25

Wu'ai Market

Wu'ai market gets its name from its original location - Wu'ai Street in Shenhe district. Built in 1983, the market has developed into one of China's best and a popular tourism and shopping destination.

Zhongjie Street

With a history of over 370 years, Zhongjie Street was China's first pedestrian street and is one of the most prosperous areas in Shenyang with its many stores. In 2008, it gained fame as the “National Golden Street".


Shenyang MIXC, situated in Jinlang plaza, is the third project funded by China Resources (Holdings) Co. The seven-story building, including an underground floor, covers a business area of 250,000 square meters. MIXC accommodates over 200 stores, covering retail, catering, entertainment and leisure.

Taiyuan Street

As one of China's best-known commercial pedestrian streets, Taiyuan Street is one of the most influential fashion hubs in Northeast China. Following the example of the Ginza shopping district in Tokyo, Japan, the business area was rebuilt in the early years of the 21st century.

As a multifunctional business area that combines commerce, dining and recreation, the 3,950-meter-long street is dominated by comprehensive department stores and supplemented by specialty shops.

Hang Lung Plaza

Hang Lung Plaza has about 300 tenants, including international luxury and fashion brands, covering clothing, entertainment, cosmetics and catering.


Longemont is a business center in Dadong district in Shenyang, only 1.8 kilometers from Shenyang Palace Museum. It stretches from Dadong Road in the south to Zhulin Bridge in the north, and runs from East Biancheng Street in the east to Pangjang Street in the west.

Olympic Sports Center trade area

The trade area around the Olympic Sports Center has developed into Shenyang's third business area, offering shopping, catering, leisure and entertainment, furniture and building materials.

Outlet malls

Shenyang has three outlet malls, including Qipan Mountain Outlets, Park Outlets and Xinglong Outlets, which have gathered a group of discount stores of first-line brands. The outlet malls, providing leisure and entertainment, shopping and sightseeing, are shopping paradises for locals and people from neighboring cities.

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