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Millions of cars made in China, but few recalled
Only two out of this year's 66 passenger vehicle recalls in China were made by domestic brands, according to records on the country's auto recall website, again raising concerns over weak safety regulations.
Super fireball lights up evening sky in N China
A golden UFO appeared in the northwestern sky and was seen by some citizens in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei on the evening of Nov 30.
Just the ticket to Tianjin
The former commercial gateway to northern China is today a curious amalgam of architectural styles.
Large number of petro plants threaten environment of bay
BEIJING - Petrochemical projects near North China's Bohai Bay have been a boon to the local economy but pose a threat to the region's environment, experts warn.
TEDA signs MOC with Samsung 2009-08-05
TEDA signed a MOC with Samsung on Monday to deepen their strategic cooperation and build Tianjin into its global key production base.
Binhai: Taiwan’s new investment focus 2009-08-03
Over half of more than 2,000 Taiwan-invested enterprises concentrated in manufacturing and high-tech industries in Tianjin set up shop in Binhai by the end of June..
Tianjin Port launches ore and coal docks 2009-07-29
Tianjin Port has begun construction on two important docks which will bring in 58 million tons of cargo throughput when completed.
Hangu District Bent on a Green Economy 2009-07-27
 The Sino-Singapore Eco-city is one of the many efforts Hangu has made in recent years to shift its development priority from industry to the environment.
Airbus delivers first A319 assembled in China 2009-07-24
Airbus delivered its second aircraft to Deer Air assembled at its Final Assembly Line China (FALC) in Tianjin.
SSTEC signed MOU with Japan’s largest developer 2009-07-17
SSTEC signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Monday with Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.
Yili to build northern China’s largest dairy base in Binhai 2009-07-13
Yili Group plans to set up a dairy factory in Binhai New Area.
Binhai to build China’s Disney World 2009-07-03
The first National Animation & Cartoon Park, aspiring to be China’s Disney World, held its groundbreaking ceremony in Binhai New Area on July 1.
$2.1bn joint venture project in Tianjin Eco-City 2009-07-02
Shimao Property Holdings will be entering into a joint venture with SSTEC involving an integrated development project that will be the largest development to date for the Tianjin Eco-City.
108 Projects reached at BioEconomy 2009 2009-06-30
The 2009 International Conference for Bio-economy closed its curtain at the Binhai International Conference & Exhibition Centre on June 28.
TEDA plans production powerhouse 2009-06-29
The time has come for Tianjin's Binhai New Area (BNA) to streamline its industries and projects around the Bohai Bay region to generate more output.
Old town in Tianjin set for return to its heritage 2009-06-29
A historic fishing town in Tanggu district of Tianjin municipality is slated to return to its roots, yet also become a modern recreation, commercial, exhibition and conference hub.
BioEco 2009 opens in Binhai 2009-06-26
2009 International Conference for Bio-economy (BioEco 2009) opens at Binhai International Conference & Exhibition Centre on June 26 and will run until June 28.
Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city holds groundbreaking ceremony for its Eco-technology Park 2009-06-25
The Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city held a groundbreaking ceremony for its Eco-technology Park in Binhai New Area,a key national strategic area in Tianjin, on June 3.
Tianjin Aviation Town 2009-05-18
Tianjin aviation town is the core carrier for the development of the airport related economy in Tianjin, and one of the important functional zones.
China-America Aerospace Industry Cooperation Forum 2009-05-18
Tianjin Binhai China-America Aerospace Industry Cooperation Forum was held in the airport industrial park.
The construction of AVIC Helicopter Base launched 2009-05-18
In Tianjin free trade zone’s airport industrial park the Tianjin General Assembly Base of AVIC Helicopter Co., Ltd. has launched the construction.
20-billion dollars attracted in eighteen years 2009-05-18
The 18 years’ jumped development forged its brilliance; Tianjin Free Trade Zone is jumping onto a new development platform.
Airport Industrial Park becoming important base 2009-05-18
Currently, the three magnates of China’s aeronautical and astronautical industry have launched the construction of their projects in Binhai New Area.
Airbus A320 project powers the service industry 2009-05-18
In recent years the aeronautical and astronautical industry is developing rapidly in Tianjin. At present 17 aeronautical projects with total investment over 2-billion dollars have clustered in Binhai New Area.

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