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Tianjin Port to raise HK$2.4b
Tianjin Port Development Holdings Ltd said yesterday it will raise a net HK$2.4 billion placing 986.5 million shares at HK$2.50 each.
Aquilaria Art Museum opens in Tianjin
China's first Aquilaria Art museum has opened in Tianjin's Five Main Street Area.
Binhai New Area
Zong Guoying elected head of Binhai New Area
Zong Guoying was elected head of Tianjin's Binhai New Area at the first session of the first People's Congress of Binhai.
Airport Industrial Park launches the construction of AVIC Helicopter General Assembly Base

In Tianjin free trade zone’s airport industrial park the Tianjin General Assembly Base of AVIC Helicopter Co., Ltd. has launched the construction. In the morning of May 8, at Tianjin Municipal Hotel Zhang Gaoli, the Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee met Lin Zuoming the general manager of AVIC who came to Tianjin to attend the launching ceremony, thanking AVIC’s strong support to Tianjin.

AVIC Helicopter Co., Ltd. is founded by AVIC and Tianjin Municipal Government jointly. The Tianjin General Assembly Base has a total building area of 273-thousand square meters. The construction is planned to carry out in two phases. The principal models of helicopter are of light, medium, and heavy types for civil aviation. It is anticipated that in 2017 annual output of various helicopters shall be more than 300, gradually forming an industrial chain covering the upstream R&D, general assembly, sales, customer support, and aviation operation of helicopter products to forge China’s core helicopter industry base.

Zhang Gaoli said: The aerospace industry is a strategic industry that concerns a state’s safety and people’s life, and a supportive industry in the favor of Tianjin Government. The cooperation between Tianjin Government and AVIC has been deepening continuously and attained important fruits. We should offer best services to quicken the construction of helicopter project, developing and expanding the aeronautical industry.

Lin Zuoming said: The practical style, quality service, and industrious spirit of Tianjin have impressed us deeply. We will quicken the project construction to ensure timely production, driving forward the development of aerospace industry in a healthy and fast way.

Leaders of the Municipal Government, Yang Dongliang, Gou Lijun, Duan Chunhua, and principals of related departments participated the meeting or attended the launching ceremony. Wu Xiandong and Li Fangyong the Deputy GMs of AVIC came to Tianjin, too.

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