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Enrollment of Foreign Students in Shanxi University

Updated : 2015-08-05

V. Tips

1. Accommodation

Life on campus is quite convenient because it has a hospital, post office, bank, supermarket, barbershop and ATM. It has a dining hall that provides different types of food, such as Chinese, fast food, local dishes, baked goods and Muslim food. It has well-equipped physical education facilities, basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts and a football pitch. There is also a gymnasium and badminton and table tennis courts and fitness centers. The accommodations come with Internet access, a colored TV, telephone, air conditioner, bathroom, shared kitchen, laundry facilities and an exercise room.

2. Medical insurance

Shanxi University regulations call for all international students to have insurance during their entire stay, with a Comprehensive Insurance Plan provided by the Ping An Insurance Co from the day of registration, and recognized by the Education Ministry. Students without medical insurance cannot register.


Students can apply for a visa at the Chinese embassy or consulate in their country using a Certificate of Admission and JW202 form. International students who are in China for more than six months must get an ‘X1’ Visa, valid 30 days after they arrive in China. They have to go to the International Students Office and apply for a residence permit within 30 days of arrival to be able to live in China. 1. Contact Information

Address: School of International Education and Exchange, Shanxi University

92 Wucheng Rd., Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, China 030006

Phone (Student Dept): +86-351-701-1934


E-mail: studychinese@sxu.edu.cn



Website: www.sxu.edu.cn