Songjiang No 67 bus connects most of scenic spots in Sheshan2019-04-04

Songjiang No 67 bus from Sheshan station to Xiaokunshan station passes by about 20 beautiful scenic spots in the Sheshan National Tourist Resort, making it easy for visitors to enjoy the views in comfort.

Traffic information for Chenshan Grassland Broadcast Concert2018-05-18

The 2018 Chenshan Grassland Music Festival is to unveil its curtain on May 19 where music fans will have the chance to enjoy a spectacular symphony gala.

Songjiang No 98 bus put into operation2018-05-08

Songjiang No 98 bus was put into operation on May 2 in a bid to facilitate public transportation and promote all-for-one tourism in Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort.

Driving directions to Chenshan Botanical Garden2015-07-08

The tourists can also drive their own cars to Chenshan Botanical Garden.

How to get to Chenshan Botanical Garden2015-07-08

The tourists can go to the Chenshan Botanical bus and metro.

Self-drive Line to Sheshan2012-05-28

Shanghai downtown—Yan'an Elevated Road—Entrance Way to Huqingping Expressway (G50 Huyu Road)—Zhongchun Road—Husong Road—Shenzhuan Road—Waiqingsong Road

Bus Lines to Sheshan2012-05-28

There are several bus lines that will lead the visitors to Sheshan Scenic Spot.

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