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Outbound investment business thriving in Shanghai free trade zone

Updated: 2016-04-19

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More investors in the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, in Shanghai's Pudong New District are keen on overseas investment, according to the zone's administrators, who report that they had 636 overseas investment projects in 2015, or quadruple the figure for the previous year.

The zone says that the reason for the growth in outbound investment is its financial innovations and a national strategy of last May that encouraged domestic companies to expand overseas. The outbound investment consists of three types: private equity, manufacturing and trade, and technology.

But, it goes on to say that even though its overseas investment is growing, it still needs more government help in promoting the investment, and has four suggestions on helping the investment: one, have more convenient investment and capital management, and improve cross-border taxation; two, a security system to protect investor rights; three, help the zone's more competitive industries -- finance, machinery, equipment, automobiles, aircraft, and construction -- go global; and, four, establish better services for outbound investment by cooperating with professional service agencies, Chinese consulates general, and other institutions.