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Updated: 2014-12-25

SPD Bank has been devoted to offering supply chain financing options for small and medium-sized enterprises for many years. Accounts receivable financing and order financing are the bank’s two featured products. Order financing helps solve fund shortage problems in purchasing material and organizing production for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Order financing: When an enterprise receives orders from buyers, SPD Bank will provide a discount loan to the enterprise in proportion to the order amount. Enterprises can use the loan to purchase materials and go into production. They should repay the loans to SPD Bank after collecting the payment for goods.

Characteristics: Order financing is more advanced than accounts receivable financing because it uses an enterprise’s future accounts receivable to guarantee financing from banks. In this way, enterprises can utilize a bank loan to purchase materials before production and thus decrease the proportion of equity financing required. It solves fund shortage, guarantee and mortgage problems for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The bottleneck issues small and medium-sized enterprises encounter pertain to credit deficiency and unqualified mortgages. SPD Bank commits itself to innovation and focuses on the trade chain between enterprises. It conducts order financing business by carefully considering contract implementation capacity and buyer payment capacity.

Application criteria:

1. Registered in Shanghai

2. Conducting legitimate trade activities, without any poor credit record, such as escaping financial obligation and tax evasion

3. A period of cooperation with buyer enterprises and good performance record

4. Normal credit status in the bank

5. Buyer enterprises are State-owned enterprises, established listed companies, hypermarkets, government, hospitals, institutions and key programs in Shanghai which satisfy SPD Bank’s standard for superior clients.

Application requirements:

1. The loan must be used for material purchase and production as required in the order.

2. Business entity must sign a personal credit guarantee contract.

3. The business entity's sales and future payments must be confirmed by buyer enterprises. Buyer must confirm remittance into the business entity's account at SPD.

4. The payment for goods should be first repaid to SPD Bank SPD Bank also provides tailor-made financial products to enterprises that need personalized or packaged financial services.

SPD Bank also provides tailor-made financial products to enterprises that need personalized or packaged financial services.

SPD Bank contact for small and medium-sized enterprise financial service

Wu Jing: +86-21-68887204 / 13331920357

Yu Huiyuan: +86-21-68887271 / 13917027528