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Jiading sets targets in 'new city' construction

( ) 2021-09-16

Jiading sets targets in 'new city' construction

A general design sketch of Jiading New City. [Photo/WeChat account: sh-jiading]

Shanghai first unveiled its plan to build five "new cities" in January when it released its 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25), saying that they will be developed into conveniently accessible livable areas where urban life and industrial development are well integrated, with each leveraging its own strength for future growth.

Jiading district generally aims to make full use of its role as a hub node on the Shanghai-Nanjing development axis and build a national pilot zone for smart transportation.

The district has been enhancing the development of scientific innovation, smart traffic systems, industrial integration, as well as culture and education.

Jiading has set the target of building itself into a demonstration area among the city clusters in the Yangtze River Delta region with a strong impact by 2035.

It also plans to further improve its spatial structure and functional layout. It will expand north to Jiading Industrial Zone, extending the planned area to 159.5 square kilometers. It will also go west to connect with the Anting hub to form a 2.2-sq-km linkage area with a transportation hub function.

The district aims to build three demonstration areas showing the past, present, and future of Jiading.

A historical cultural street will highlight the charm and characteristics of the traditional historical and cultural area, showcasing Jiading's profound history and culture.

A 4.56-sq-km area in Yuanxiang Lake area has been designated to show the current harmonious combination of nature and city in Jiading.

An area involving Jiading Industrial Zone, Juyuan New Area, and Xuxing town aims to establish smart communities and to develop ecological sci-tech industries, showing the future of Jiading district.



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