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Schedule of activities of 2013 Shanghai Tourism Festival and Shopping Festival

( ) 2013-09-29

Time: September 13 to October 27


1. 2013 Anting Automobile Carnival

The Shanghai International Auto City in the New Town of Anting will host a series of events with a theme relating to "demonstrating the charming culture of Anting ". The events include CAS Modified Cars Show, Taiwan Businessmen Fair, Extreme Speed Track Carnival, Oriental Automobile Music Festival, and the 2013 Championship Racing Carnival.

Time: September 13 to October 27

Place: Shanghai International Auto City in the New Town of Anting

2. 2013 Nanxiang Xiaolongbao Culture Exhibition

Residents and visitors will be able to taste some popular snacks along Nanxiang Ancient Street. The exhibition will feature not only tasty food but also various activities with the theme of "Xiaolongbao adds flavor to life", including the Xiaolong Gala, Xiaolongbao Making Contest TV Program, the Finding the Dragon Along Nanxiang Ancient Street cultural tourism campaign, Guyi Garden Folk Culture Festival, and Nanxiang Folk Opera Fair.

Place: Nanxiang Ancient Street, Guyi Garden

Time: Late September to late October

3. 2013 Shanghai Confucius Cultural Week

The organizers are planning various cultural activities in the AAAA Zhouqiao scenic area – and they are also hoping to attract investors to boost the regional economy.

The activities include lectures on Confucianism and a Confucius Temple Old Street Tour.

Time: September 22 to September 28

Place: Zhouqiao scenic area, Jiading district.

4. 2013 "Graceful Jiading" Tourism Promotional Activities

Jiading district will host a series of activities to raise awareness of the district as a tourist destination, including events to showcase local delicacies. At the site of the CAS Modified Cars Show, Extreme Speed Track Carnival, Oriental Automobile Music Festival, and the 2013 Championship Racing Carnival, Jiading district will host a series of activities of "Graceful Jiading" tourism promotional conference to showcase and sell souvenirs and food of Jiading specialty. The district hopes to promote its unique tourism resources and district tourism image by interacting with the audiences.

Time: September to October

Place: Various locations around the district

5. 2013 Huating Harvest Celebration Festival

The Huating Modern Agriculture Park will hold a series of activities, with a theme of "Charming village, green Huating". Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a village music festival and to experience the local rural lifestyle – surrounded by beautiful flowers - by picking fruits, fishing and tasting various teas. The festival aims to promote the sightseeing agriculture industry and the modern agricultural park, as well as to promote Huating as a tourism destination.

Time: September 19 to 21

Place: Maoqiao village and Huating Modern Agriculture Park

6. 2013 Cao'an Shopping Tourism Festival

The festival will include the Auto Fans Carnival, Tea Culture and Arts Festival, Modern Commodities Festival, TV Shopping Festival, and Cao'an Food Festival. The event will combine both traditional and electronic commerce as well as the offline exhibition and online transaction in Cao'an Commodity Town. It aims to enhance the atmosphere of Cao'an's commercial area and to promote the development of e-commerce.

Time: Mid-September to mid-October

Place: Cao'an commercial area

7. "A Trip to Jiangqiao" Cultural Tourism Festival

Jiangqiao will host various events to showcase the town's many attractions, with a focus on culture, entertainment, and tourism resources with commercial, tourism, and cultural elements to showcase Jiangqiao's charms. These programs include Wanda Fashion Food and Shopping Festival, Totole Delicious Food Trip, and a One-Day Trip to Xinze Park.

Time: September to October

Place: Jiangqiao town

8. JD Online Shop Discounts

JD Online Shop will launch a special page focusing on a "Shanghai Shopping Festival", with many famous local companies offering a wide variety of products at a discount.

Time: September 13 to October 7

Place: JD Online Shop

9. Activities Involving Enterprises

The district will cooperate with companies experienced in the planning of large-scale events - and also international companies - to give Jiading enterprises involved in the tourism industry the opportunity to explore competitive tourism products to meet the market demand. The district hopes to attract more tourism companies with high quality services.

Time: September 13 to October 27

Place: Various locations around the district

The plan was published by the organizing committee of the tourism festival working group of Jiading district, Shanghai, on August 30, 2013.



Guyi Garden becomes digital scenic spot

Guyi Garden in Shanghai's Jiading district was recently rated as one of the 21 Shanghai digital scenic spots by the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, local media outlets reported on Jan 19.