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Jiading Chenghuang Temple

( ) 2013-07-12

Jiading Chenghuang Temple

Located at Dongdajie Street in Jiading, it was constructed in the 10th year of the Jiading reign of the Southern Song Dynasty (1218), the year when Jiading was officially named a county. According to Taoist doctrine, Chenghuang was actually the god of water and earth, and was the local god defending the town.

The main hall of Jiading Chenghuang Temple is 14 meters high and 23.54 meters wide. At both ends of its ridge, animal patterns and the statues of eight deities are enshrined. In the middle of the ridge, coiled dragons gushing water and playing with pearls are set up, indicating elimination of evils and disasters. On the ornamental columns and stone railing, 18 vivid lions were carved. The hall is connected with the residential halls behind it, forming a shape of the capital letter I.

This kind of temple, with conjoined halls and separate roofs, is rare among ancient temples in South China. The history and architectural size of Jiading Chenghuang Temple all exceed that of Shanghai Chenghuang Temple, and it is therefore the biggest and oldest in Shanghai.

In ancient times, there was also a performance stage and theater behind Chenghuang Temple, and it was a busy and bustling place at that time. Even today, there is still a saying in Jiading: “Go to Chenghuang Temple day and night for pleasure and enlightenment”.

The Chenghuang god, enshrined at the main hall of Chenghuang Temple, is Lu Longqi, an honest and clean official from Jiading.

Ticket Price: 10 yuan

Address: 314 East Street, Jiading District



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