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Aquatic plant, animal sample storage site slated for Qingdao

Chinese scientists have established a national germ plasm bank for marine species in Qingdao, Shandong province, to help protect the country's aquatic ecology as well as oceanic flora and fauna.

Targeting sports for brand equity

Chinese home appliance maker Hisense Group is set to continue its expansion globally and enhance its brand visibility via sponsorship of major sports events.

Hisense launches laser cinema projector

Hisense launched its latest offering, the 300-inch 8k laser cinema projector on March 8.

Haier, Baidu team up on smart homes

Haier Group announced its smart home strategy of 2018 on March 7, as well as its strategic cooperation with internet giant Baidu on artificial intelligence.

Coastal Qingdao ready for flood of businesses

The strategy of opening-up to the outside world has been a success for the eastern coastal city of Qingdao, Shandong province, in its modernization efforts over the past decades, Mayor Meng Fanli said last week.

Qingdao summit to be 'new milestone' in SCO history: Chinese FM

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Qingdao this year will be "a new milestone in the history of the SCO," Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Thursday.

Localities and road shows provide more drivers for growth

More cities in China are set to host major international diplomatic conferences, with three of the four events to be held in the country this year located outside Beijing.

New area transforms to gain edge in emerging industries

The Qingdao West Coast New Area is upgrading its traditional manufacturing industries and cultivating emerging innovative ones.