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TCM guru to promote acupuncture in Pingdu

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2018-04-27

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Pingdu city in Qingdao, East China's Shandong province has introduced Dr Shi Xuemin, a world-famous acupuncture expert, through a national academic recruiting platform on April 22, according to local media.

Shi, 80, a member of the China Academy of Engineering (CAE), is regarded as the founder of the modern science of acupuncture. He's widely known for a technique treating post-stroke neurological diseases called "Xing Nao Kai Qiao" (meaning wake the mind and open the orifices). This technique has been subject to many clinical trials with success and recognition.

Based on agreements, Shi and his team will run a workstation dedicated to scientific research and the teaching of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) methods, especially acupuncture. The workstation will also hold TCM seminars and CAE meetings in the future.

Academician workstations are high-level S&T innovation platforms which harness scientific prowess to help local industries in economic transition, promote the commercialization of technological achievements, and provide training for professionals.

Tens of thousands of workstations have been established across the country over the last decade, including 64 in Qingdao and two in Pingdu.