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Strict standards win Tsingtao Beer world brand

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Strict standards win Tsingtao Beer world brand

Tsingtao Beer is famous across the world as China's number one beer. But Tsingtao Beer's reputation for quality can only be maintained by strict standards. Tsingtao Brewery Co uses 1,800 testing procedures to make sure that every beer it produces has the perfect, crisp taste that Tsingtao is known for.

Chinese President Xi Jinping calls standards "common language of the world", and standards have also been the secret to Tsingtao's success since the company was founded in Qingdao, a beach-lined beer city on the east coast of Shandong province, in 1903.

Tsingtao was awarded the gold medal at the Munich Trade Fair in just its third year of operation.

In 1963, Tsingtao Beer's brewing methods were widely used as a national model by the Chinese government, and the company is still very influential in the Chinese industry to this day.

Tsingtao's earnest adherence to standards and criteria in research, production and sales proves to the world the significance of standardization. Strict standards win Tsingtao Beer world brand

If you don't work in the beer industry, you may not understand how complex and essential following strict procedures is to making tasty beer.

Producing one bottle of Tsingtao Beer requires following 1,800 steps.

Our 60 breweries all follow the exact same standards in six areas: Quality raw materials, including wheat, rice and water; the same brewing process; the same equipment; the same quality control procedures; the same staff training; and the same corporate structure.

The company works relentlessly to ensure every beer and service it provides is safe, reliable and high quality.

It has an excellent reputation for strictly following standards set by Chinese industry, the United States' Food and Drug Administration, and more than 400 European food safety regulations.

This ensures that Tsingtao has a system for ensuring quality in every part of the production process, from selecting the wheat and rice through brewing, packaging, logistics, testing, to collecting enterprise resource planning data.

Every grain of rice we use to make Tsingtao Beer was harvested within three days of the start of the brewing process. All the water we use goes through more than 50 different tests before brewing begins.

Tsingtao Beer also attaches great importance to building up expert teams to carry out these strict standards. We operate China's only State Key Laboratory of Biological Fermentation Engineering of Beer, which has a team of six doctoral and 17 postgraduate researchers.

We employ one third of the master brewers working in the entire Chinese beer industry, and our 23 experienced beer tasters all serve as national judges, accounting for 40 percent of China's national-level judges.

This is why today Tsingtao Beer is China's best-known global beer brand and has won awards and honors in countries across the world. Our beer is not "Made in China", but "Created by China", and our pursuit of perfection is helping spread China's reputation for quality around the world.

Strict standards win Tsingtao Beer world brand

Two of the most popular Tsingtao Beer brands [Photo from tsingtaobeer.com]

Strict standards win Tsingtao Beer world brand

Huang Kexing (left), president of Tsingtao Brewery Co Ltd in Qingdao shakes hands with Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Vice Secretary Wang Kaiwen (right) at a ceremony to designate Tsingtao Beer as SCO's official beer supplier. [Photo provided to China Daily]