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Photographer snaps night herons in Qingdao

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2017-06-21

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A local photographer in Qingdao managed to snap a few photos of black-crowned night herons at Zhanshan Temple in the city's Shinan district on the morning of June 14.

Fewer than 10 black-crowned night herons visit the eastern coastal city every summer. As a result, these photos provide local residents with an opportunity to have a glimpse of the beautiful birds.

Adult black-crowned night herons have pale gray bellies and wings and black backs. Their faces are white with a black cap, topped by a white plume. They have black bills and red eyes.

The species inhabits a variety of fresh and saltwater wetlands, but is very vulnerable to environmental and climate changes. Its populations declined over the 20th century owing to habitat loss and, in mid-century, the effects of DDT and other pesticides. Following the banning of DDT, many local populations have increased in recent years. Water pollution is still a problem in some areas, but overall the population is stable or increasing.

Photographer snaps night herons in Qingdao

A black-crowned night heron roosts in Zhanshan Temple, Qingdao, on June 14. [Photo by Wang Xunxian/ qingdaonews.com]

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