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Tourism booms in Qingdao in first half of 2016

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2016-07-28

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Qingdao's tourism industry has raked in 52.5 billion yuan ($7.8 billion) by welcoming 33 million visitors in the first half of 2016, representing a 13.8 percent and 8.4 percent growth year-on-year respectively, according to dailyqd.com on July 25.

Of the 33 million visitors to the sailing city, 628,000 were from overseas, up to 4.04 percent of the previous year and accounting for $390 million in tourism revenue.

The statistics show that domestic tourism is still the biggest market for Qingdao, but also that outside interest in the city is steadily growing.

Qingdao has implemented several steps to attract more overseas vsistors to the city, such as relaxing the visa requirements and allowing for 72-hour visa-free transit for overseas travellers.

The government has also held promotional events and campaigns in multiple countries, as well as hosting international events such as the Red Bull Extreme Sailing Series, putting a global spotlight on the city.

Qingdao's tourism bureau has also taken part in foreign tourism exhibitions held in countries such as Germany, America, Japan and South Korea.