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Qingdao launches plans to promote undergraduate employment

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2016-02-18

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Qingdao, the coastal city of Shandong province, will launch a series of plans to promote the employment and entrepreneurship of college students in 2016, according to the Qingdao bureau of human resources and social security.

Qingdao plans to start up the "2016 Undergraduate Dream Sailing Plan", featuring favorable employment policies, training, allocation and service, as well as recruit college students to work for grassroots public administration and social service organizations

According to the plan, the city is aiming to cultivate 30,000 undergraduate entrepreneurs in three years, developing 50 entrepreneurship areas, and help 15,000 undergraduates startup their own business.

Qingdao will also launch a project to cultivate local e-commerce entrepreneurs and build rural e-commerce service stations and entrepreneurship systems as well as encourage undergraduates to return to their hometowns to startup businesses.