Qingdao municipal government signs a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Tsinghua University

Updated: 2014-03-12

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The Qingdao municipal government signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Tsinghua University in Beijing on March 7. Qingdao and Tsinghua University will cooperate in strategy consultancy, technology conversion and personnel training.

Chen Xu, Party secretary general of Tsinghua University, and Li Qun, secretary of Qingdao municipal Party committee, met each other before signing the agreement. Chen warmly welcomed the guests from Qingdao.

Chen said that Qingdao is a charming and attractive coastal city. He thinks highly of the extraordinary accomplishments that Qingdao has made in economy and society. Tsinghua University has had a strong relationship with Qingdao for a long time.

Chen sincerely hopes that Tsinghua University and Qingdao can have deeper and more practical cooperation with help from the comprehensive cooperation agreement. Tsinghua University is expected to provide more outstanding talent for the development of Qingdao. Chen said that Tsinghua University will take advantage of Qingdao's unique marine environment for technology research to improve related subjects at Tsinghua University.

Li Qun said that the core competence of the city mainly depends on talent aggregation and technical innovation. In recent years, Qingdao has established a comprehensive cooperation relationship with some famous universities and research academies. The cooperation with universities and research academies has helped improve the level of technical innovation and construction in Qingdao. Li said the deep cooperation between Qingdao and Tsinghua University will guarantee Qingdao's requirements for talent and intelligence. Qingdao is expected to build a top-ranking environment to attract more students from Tsinghua University to start businesses and work. Li wished both sides can benefit from this comprehensive cooperation agreement.