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Fixed Assets Investment

Updated: 2013-04-28

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The fixed asset investment (including the projects with investment over RMB 5,000,000 in townships and rural areas) totaled RMB 415.39 billion, up 22.3%. Of that figure, RMB 6.85 billion was invested in primary industries, up 62.2%, RMB 199.86 billion in secondary industries, up 35.7% and RMB 208.68 billion in tertiary industries, up 10.9%.

The fixed assets investment construction projects numbered 4,198. New start-up projects numbered 2,496. The amount of investment in projects in progress was RMB 1,068.48 billion, up 10.1%. Another RMB 237.65 billion was invested in fixed assets for the whole year. The project completion ratio was 59.5% and the fixed asset delivery ratio was 57.2%.

Finished investment in real estate development for the whole year reached RMB 93.01 billion, up 18.8%. Completed commercial housing totaled 12,116,000 square meters, up 33.7%; sold housing floor area was 9,509,000 square meters, down 7.5%. The construction area of affordable housing totaled 6,131,000 square meters, of which, 1,168,000 square meters were completed.