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Guo Chuan expects to finish solo world sailing in one month

( Xinhua )

Updated: 2013-02-25

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QINGDAO -- Chinese sailor Guo Chuan expected to finish his non-stop solo sailing around the world in one month, according to his supporting team on Feb 25.

Many parts of Guo's yacht were broken last week, like jib, generator and radar.

"I got the boat only one year ago, and tests of the boat are few. Therefore, many problems were not found before the sailing," Guo said.

"I also missed the great opportunity of testing the boat when it was transported from Europe to Hong Kong from July to September of last year," Guo said.

Sailing on the south of the Indian Ocean, Guo said unpredictable winds, fishing nets and many merchant ships were difficulties for him in the last one month.

Last Sunday is the Chinese traditional Lantern Festival and also the 100th day of Guo Chuan's world saling, and he decorated his yacht with two red lanterns.

Setting off from Qingdao, east of China and Guo's hometown, on Nov 18 last year, Guo aims to travel 21,600 nautical miles in about 130 days.