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Qingdao to publish PM 2.5 pollution data

( China.org.cn )

Updated: 2012-06-28

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Qingdao city is debugging 13 air pollution monitoring devices in preparation of publishing its own particulate matter (PM 2.5) pollution data in the second half year, according to the municipal environmental protection bureau.

The city's PM 2.5 monitoring posts spread over its seven districts through satellite positioning. In addition, the bureau is scheduled to set up air quality monitoring posts near the city's main roads.

A recent research on PM2.5 pollution show that the city's PM 2.5 mainly comes from vehicle emissions, swirling dusts and industrial smokes.

Qingdao will continue cooperation with Nankai University in the study of the source, distribution, change and control of PM 2.5, the bureau head Song Chunkang said.

The city now has 23 automatic air quality monitoring stations that check regular pollutants in the air in a consecutive way.

Edited by Chen Zhilin