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Qingdao develops a training program for 2000 Golden Blue-collar Workers in 56 Trades

Updated: 2010-05-14

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According to an “Announcement on Golden Blue-collar Workers Training Program in 2010,” issued by Qingdao Labour and Social Security Bureau, 2000 golden blue-collar workers will accept training this year. The trainees consist of 1000 technicians (including senior technicians) and 1000 senior workers, with no more than 100 people for each trade.

Fifty-six types of work have been approved for the program this year, including electric welders, maintenance electricians, refrigeration equipment maintenance workers, etc. The training will be carried out at 24 different bases.

In addition, enterprises and training bodies that plan to undertake the training or add different types of work will submit corresponding documents, including professional standards, training outlines, teaching materials and implementation plans. The training can only be carried out when approved by Qingdao Labour and Social Security Bureau.

By Ke Liping

Editor: Yan Fei