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Ningbo Administrative Service Center

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Updated: 2015-12-23

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Ningbo Administrative Service Center

Ningbo Administrative Service Center, established by the Ningbo Municipal People's Government in 2000, is a comprehensive administrative platform at municipal level. The Center, with its 5 branch centers, provides services of administrative approval and public resources trade to the public.

The Center is located in Building No.7 of Ningbo Administrative Center (No. 2001, Ningchuan Road) in East New Town with a building area of 26.8 thousand square meters. The Center can be divided into 2 platforms for administrative approval and public resources trade respectively. 72 municipal government departments have set up 148 service windows in the Center.

The platform for administrative approval is on floors 1 and 2. It is divided into 6 zones from A to E with 123 service windows. It provides services related to administrative review, recognition, annual examination to the companies and the public. The platform for public resources trade is on floors 3 and 4. It provides services for public bidding on engineering projects, government procurement, use rights trade of state-owned land and mineral resources, state-owned property rights trade, and emission rights trade, etc. From January 2003 to September 2014, 20623 projects were traded on the platform with a total volume of RMB 437.538 billion.

Its 5 branch centers are as follows.

The Human Resources and Social Security Center provides services related to social endowment insurance and medical insurance.

Add: No. 257, Jiefang South Rd., Haishu District.

The Science and Technology Center provides services related to projects application and science and technology information consulting.

Add: Floor 2, B3, No.999, Yangfan Rd., Research and Development Zone.

The Vehicle Management Center provides services related to driving licenses and motor vehicle examination.

Add: No. 33, Zhongxing North Rd., Jiangdong District.

The Real Estate Trade and Management Center manages housing property rights registration, issues permits to housing presale projects, and supervises the housing surveying and mapping industry.

Add: No. 595, Songxia St., Jiangdong District.

The Housing Fund Management Center provides services related to the deposit, withdrawals from and use of the accumulated housing fund.

Add: No. 166, Jiefang South Rd., Haishu District.

The Center has brought considerable convenience to the public. 743 administrative approval items are handled in the Center, taking up 94.4% of the total number at the municipal level. The average daily waiting time and actual handling days of the items have shortened to 4.67 and 1.27 days respectively. The Center also offers services including noon break reservation on working days, holiday reservations, a green channel, consulting, information inquiry, and SMS alerts. After its establishment, with quality, efficient and convenient services, the Center has been bestowed with many honors at different levels. The Center will always adhere to its idea of providing the best services to the public.