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Hangzhou Bay New Zone

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Updated: 2015-12-23

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Hangzhou Bay New Zone

On February 23rd, 2010, Hangzhou Bay New Zone was established with a strategic mission of developing the marine economy and building big industries, platforms, enterprises and projects.

HBNZ distinguishes itself with the integration of industry, city and people, and a new proposal underpinning an industrial cluster, urban development and modern governance.

Industry is the cornerstone of HBNZ.

2 mega industrial clusters of 100 billion RMB of output: automobile and general aviation

With major investments from Shanghai Volkswagen and Geely Group, an international automobile base has taken initial shape with an annual output of 1 million vehicles and a complete range of functions including R&D, core auto parts, testing, logistics, personnel training and after-sales service. A general aviation industrial park covering a complete industrial chain is also under deployment.

3 industrial clusters of 10 billion RMB of output: new materials, advanced equipment and smart electrics

Billion-yuan investments from Unilever, Fotile, Pharmaron have also landed in HBNZ, as well as international capital, advanced technologies and innovative talents. The robust private sector in Zhejiang Province has also taken the lead in restructuring, upgrading and innovation.

1 leisure and health service industry attracting 10 million visitors annually

This city is where the dreams come true. A modern city has been built up with a complete range of supporting facilities, including international schools, hospitals, shopping malls and star hotels. A smart city with smart commerce, transportation and e-government offerings has redefined the relations between city, life and work. A low-carbon city with an extensive coverage of water and lakes in civic spaces has allowed local residents to enjoy a quality life. Seven new communities are designed to attract more than 200,000 new residents in the coming five years. With the completion of leisure project investment by MGM and Huaqiang Group, HBNZ will grow into a world-class tourism destination with more than 10 million visitors annually.

Apart from developed industries, HBNZ is also an eco city. It is home to the largest wet land along the coastline on the Chinese mainland and a unique transfer station for migrant birds. Of the total 353 square kilometers on land and 350 square kilometers on the sea, a wet land area of 43.5 square kilometers is kept for non-development. Altogether 58.7% of the new area is strictly under control. Such a vast vacant space identifies the unique style of HBNZ and allows for enormous potential for further industrial and urban development.

HBNZ, a livable city, an eco city, a happy city, and a dream city beyond your imagination!