Tu Youyou in Stockholm for Nobel Prize

Updated :2015-12-07

Tu Youyou in Stockholm for Nobel Prize

The 2015 Nobel Week began yesterday in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, with a series of activities in the Nobel Museum, including lectures, concerts and an exhibition.

Chinese scientist Tu Youyou will receive her Nobel Prize for chemistry for her discovery of artemisinin together with a team. The terpene-based substance is now widely used to treat the tropical disease of malaria.

The Ningbo-born scientist yesterday donated her book, “The Research of Malaria-treating Artemisinin (1971-1978),” to the Nobel Museum.

Opened in 2001, the museum is a place for the public to learn about the Nobel Prize, its founder and all Nobel laureates. This year’s exhibition shows a set of clay teapot and cups inspired by the plant Artemisia to show respect to Tu.

The 85-year-old pharmaceutical chemist is expected to give a speech on her discovery of arteminisin today at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.