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Ningbo and Croatia

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Updated: 2015-05-28

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Ningbo and Croatia

As the summer approaches, let us take a look at Croatia, which has a long coastline and many seaside resorts. Croatia is situated in the southeastern Europe and lies at the junction of the Mediterranean and the Balkan Peninsula. Its capital city is Zagreb. 

Apart from beautiful Mediterranean coastline, the country also boasts an important deep-water port in Rijeka. Located on Kvarner Bay, Rijeka is the largest harbor of the country and became a sister city with Ningbo in June 2011.

Ningbo and Croatia

Foreign trade between Ningbo and Croatia has developed over the years with an upward trend. The total import and export volume between the two sides enjoyed an annual growth of 28.4 percent in 2013, with the main trading commodities being converted timber, wine, textile products and shoes. Ningbo and Croatia are set to have more exchanges in economic, cultural and tourism fields in the future.