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‘Excellent Youth Station’ receives recognition for service     2013-01-22

The "Excellent Youth Station" in Zhangjiagang Metallurgical Industrial Park was recognized as an "Outstanding Voluntary Service" in 2012.

Jingang sets up ‘Loving Station’     2013-01-22

In order to build a new platform for volunteer service, the bonded area of Jingang town has set up a "Loving Station".

Volunteer services gain recognition in Zhangjiagang     2013-01-21

Qingchunyouzhan, the name of a volunteer program, was awarded as Zhangjiagang 2012 Outstanding Volunteer Service Program.

Free bike program prompts residents to switch gears     2012-06-07

The authorities in Zhangjiagang are so delighted with their 30 million yuan ($4.71 million) free bicycle scheme that they have decided to extend it to the suburbs from July.

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