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Zhangjiagang-made tableware to debut at Dubai royal wedding     2018-04-09

A set of Zhangjiagang handmade tableware is to debut at a Dubai royal wedding ceremony, local media reported.

Public activities mark 19th Ear Care Day     2018-03-09

A series of public activities were launched in Zhangjiaggang, the beautiful port city in Jiangsu province, on March 3 to mark International Ear Care Day.

Zhangjiagang launches "Learning from Lei Feng" campaign     2018-03-06

Zhangjiagang, a port city in East China’s Jiangsu province, launched a campaign on March 5 to commemorate this year's "Learn from Lei Feng Day".

Volunteer services launched for convenience of local residents     2018-03-06

Yangshe town in Zhangjiagang port city, Jiangsu province launched a series of volunteer services on March 2 to help local residents.

Zhangjiagang Park reopens to the public     2018-02-23

Zhangjiagang Park reopened to the public on Feb 14 after five-month's reconstruction, ready to provide local residents with a new place for recreation and exercise.

Zhangjiagang to launch educational practice campaign for teenagers     2018-02-01

Opening ceremony for teenager social practice series activities in winter vacation was held at Zhangjiagang Museum on Jan 30.

Zhangjiagang to launch the first batch of broadband demonstration village     2017-12-18

The opening ceremony to launch the first batch of fiber optic broadband demonstration village in Zhangjiagang was held at Zhagnjiagang Guomao Hotel on Dec 14.

Zhangjiagang honors music legend with weekend of performances     2017-11-08

The ancient city of Zhangjiagang in Jiangsu province held a special weekend of activities on Nov 4-5

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