• Zhang Yashu – Dance with the wind

    Zhang Yashu played princess Kanica in dance drama Batir Manas.

  • Tang Chenglong

    Tang Chenglong is the executive director of dance drama Batir Manas.

  • Li Yili

    Li Yili is the vice president of Wuxi Arts and Performance Group.

  • Men Wenyuan – Oh, kids

    Men Wenyuan is the general director of dance drama Batir Manas.

  • Lin Xiaoyi

    Lin Xiaoyi, a voluntary official to assist Aheqi county from Wuxi, now work as the deputy county Party secretary in Aheqi.

  • Deshbek Yiblay

    Deshbek Yiblay sang a stanza of epic Manas in the beginning of Act three.