NETDA moves to resolve difficulties faced by residents

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In the wake of in-depth visits and detailed investigations, the Nantong Economic & Technological Development Area, or NETDA – located in Nantong city in China's East Jiangsu province – is moving to resolve various difficulties being faced by residents.

It organized 119 practical activities – to tackle problems in relation to delivery services – as well as 81 practical activities, involving key projects in the development zone.

The NETDA will reportedly move to address a number of matters concerning the lives of locals, solve the problems and boost the sense of happiness and security of residents.

The NETDA, in a bid to expand its opening-up, has also released a checklist relating to its high-level economic development.

Promote planning, development of parks

It will focus on its goal of building a first-class development zone in the Yangtze River Delta region. This will be done through industrial modernization, the integration of industry and city – as well as the integration of cross-river development and the planning and construction of parks with distinct characteristics. It is expected that this process will be comprehensively launched and the industrial agglomeration capacity of the parks will be enhanced.

Creating new magnet to attract investment

The NETDA is also moving to focus on making breakthroughs in a number of large-scale, high-level projects. By 2021, the development zone will aim to have attracted one project with annual sales of 10 billion yuan ($1.55 billion), five projects with revenue of five billion yuan and over 15 projects with annual sales of 2 billion yuan.

  • The NETDA Free Trade Zone got the original go-ahead, on Jan 3, 2013, from the State Council, for a 5.29-sq-km area, in two parts.

  • Suzhou-Nantong science & technology industrial park

  • Equipment manufacturing industrial park

  • Urban-rural commercial zone

  • Nengda central business district

  • New materials industrial park

  • Medical treatment & health industrial park

  • Sci-tech industrial park

  • Precision machinery industrial park

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