Nantong welcomes the spring season

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Nantong welcomes the spring season

Flowers bloom in Nantong, East China's Jiangsu province. [Photo/]

Spring officially arrived in Nantong, East China's Jiangsu province on March 23, as the city's average temperature had exceeded 10 degree Celsius for five days in a row since that day, according to the local meteorological observatory.

Statistics show that Nantong usually enters the spring season on April 1, with the earliest time being on Feb 27, 2007 and the latest time being on April 17, 2010.

Although the highest daily temperature will remain at around 20 C in the following days, experts warn that the weather can change considerably in the spring, with big temperature differences between night and day. As a result, people should dress properly to prevent themselves from getting a cold.

  • The NETDA Free Trade Zone got the original go-ahead, on Jan 3, 2013, from the State Council, for a 5.29-sq-km area, in two parts.

  • Suzhou-Nantong science & technology industrial park

  • Equipment manufacturing industrial park

  • Urban-rural commercial zone

  • Nengda central business district

  • New materials industrial park

  • Medical treatment & health industrial park

  • Sci-tech industrial park

  • Precision machinery industrial park

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