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Toray Fiber Research Institute (China) Co Ltd

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Founded in March, 2002, Toray Fiber Research Institute (China) Co Ltd is a R&D base committed to the innovative science of polymer, integrating Japan's advanced technologies and China's outstanding talents. The registered capital was $32.5 million (90 percent from Toray Industries, and 10 percent from Toray (China) Investment Co Ltd), and the company has employed 290 staff by the end of 2010.

The headquarters of Toray Fiber Research Institute (China) Co Ltd in Nantong mainly focuses on fiber related technology research and development. It boasts a series of perfect research systems including polymerization of polymers, spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing, processing and sewing. Toray has always had in mind the concept of "Innovation by Chemistry". Centering on the research of advanced materials technology and environmentally-friendly materials, it commits to promoting its research achievements in China and the world.

Based on research on cutting-edge materials and environmentally-friendly technology, the Shanghai Branch of Toray Fiber Research Institute (China) Co Ltd carries out research and development in fields such as organic synthesis, plastic, highly sophisticated polymer materials and water treatment under the authorization of the Toray Industries.

Currently the research directions mainly include the following: (1) advanced materials technology: nanometer ultra-fine fiber, nanoscale processing of textile, polymer nano-alloy and hybrid materials of organic and inorganic matters (nanogate carbon, silica); (2) green and environmentally-friendly material technology: low-cost and excellent performance of lactic acid fiber, which is a kind of bio-energy fiber material, green and environmental fiber materials extracted from non-edible raw materials; (3) research and development of a variety of evaluation technology related to fibers: the functional test system of artificial weather room (Technorama) where various complicated natural environment can be reproduced by movements (rain, snow, insulation) for analyzing hyperthermia physiology and exercise physiology, function test systems for clothing design, industrial materials and products, and corresponding evaluation system of ISO international standard.

  • The NETDA Free Trade Zone got the original go-ahead, on Jan 3, 2013, from the State Council, for a 5.29-sq-km area, in two parts.

  • Suzhou-Nantong science & technology industrial park

  • Equipment manufacturing industrial park

  • Urban-rural commercial zone

  • Nengda central business district

  • New materials industrial park

  • Medical treatment & health industrial park

  • Sci-tech industrial park

  • Precision machinery industrial park

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