Introduction of Overseas Talents

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Nantong Economic & Technological Development Area regards talent aggregation as the most important driving force for promoting regional transition and upgrades, and speeds up the development of "special region for entrepreneurship" while building up a talent highland with the best supporting policies, carriers and services. In recent years, more than 1,000 high-caliber innovative and pioneering talents have been introduced to the development area, among whom more than 500 are from overseas, four are talents from the National One Thousand Foreign Experts Plan, 18 are talents from the provincial "Innovation and Entrepreneurial Talent Plan" and 37 are talents from the Nantong "Jianghai Personnel Plan". In addition, it also introduced 126 innovative pioneering projects, making it take the lead in Nantong.

First, funds for talent plans. The Several Opinions on Further Promoting Talent Aggregation of High-level Industries (T.K.F.D. [2010] No. 1), "Xinghu plan" for short, was issued in 2010, aiming to spend five years to introduce 300 pioneering talents who can break through key technologies, promote the development of industries and push forward emerging industries, so as to realize regional leapfrog development. 32030 Industrial Talent Development Plans for Nantong Economic and Technological Development Area (T.K.F.D. [2012] No. 21) was issued in 2012. It focused on major industries’ development, intended to introduce three people for the "One Thousand Plan", twenty for the provincial "Innovation and Entrepreneurial Talent Plan", and thirty for Nantong "Jianghai Personnel Plan". These two policies consist of a comprehensive talent introducing policy system ("ten articles on talents for Nantong Development area"). "Ten articles on talents for Nantong Development area" gives stronger support to entrepreneurial talents by offering two to four million yuan of initial funding to high-level talents who come to set up independent innovative technological enterprises in the area. The initial fund will become a bonus for projects that realize their goals within three years. Loan interest for financing will be fully subsidized within the first three years after establishment. Within three years from the beginning of production and sales or getting business income, the area’s retention of the business income tax will be used as a reward for the enterprise. Those who receive the fund of talent plans at city or higher level will get 50 percent to 100 percent supporting fund..

Second, carrier of high-quality platform. The "5+3" special area has been built to provide a new carrier for high-level talents. The pioneer park for returned overseas personnel at provincial level, regional post doctorial scientific research station and nine enterprise substations have been established, forming a platform for the integration of production, education and research and the aggregation of high-level talents. Meanwhile, platforms for scientific research service and support for scientific and technological projects are available. Pioneering work in the projects of scientific technological plans led by talents are supported; talents and excellent R&D groups are given priority in access to public research and development platforms in order to provide an excellent working condition for research and development. Working space of 200 to 1,000 square meters will be supplied with three-year free rent. Demand for land use due to large-scale production will be prioritized and supported by policies.

Third, financial support for projects. The Management of Venture Investment Guidance Fund has been issued and a 100 million yuan venture investment guidance fund has been established. 2 billion yuan from Longbai Investment Fund has been introduced through equity participation, follow-up investment and financing guarantee. Rongsheng Technology has been founded with a venture investment of 5.2 billion yuan, which is the first small-loan company in Nantong. Several Opinions on Encouraging and Promoting the Development of Startup Investment Enterprises has been issued, indicating subsidy on tax and starting fund for startup investment enterprises. Several risk investment enterprises including Dingqiao Fund have entered the development area, providing financial support for attracting high-level talents to the area.

Fourth, boosting the development of entrepreneur service. Jianghai Personnel Entrepreneurship Week is held every year. 35 projects were signed in 2012, with the total investment surpassing 300 million yuan. Workstations for overseas high-level talents have been improved. An entrepreneurship and innovation service centre for high-level talents has been set up, which provides a service team of about 30 qualified professionals who have a good knowledge of policies, industries and talents. Meanwhile, they also provide one-stop and whole-course services for talents and projects. Systems including health checkup, health care service and legal consultation have been set up. Short-term relaxation and study tours for high-level talents are available. Problems with the departure and entry procedure, children's education and spouses’ employment for talents have been solved. 580 million yuan has been invested into the second phase of Wuhu Jiayuan Talent Apartment and the construction of indemnificatory housing for talents has been launched to meet the housing demands for high-level talents. In addition, international schools of high standard have been set up to ensure excellent education for children of foreign professionals and returned personnel.

  • The NETDA Free Trade Zone got the original go-ahead, on Jan 3, 2013, from the State Council, for a 5.29-sq-km area, in two parts.

  • Suzhou-Nantong science & technology industrial park

  • Equipment manufacturing industrial park

  • Urban-rural commercial zone

  • Nengda central business district

  • New materials industrial park

  • Medical treatment & health industrial park

  • Sci-tech industrial park

  • Precision machinery industrial park

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