Famous local special products

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1) Famous products and special products

Dong Candy

Dong Candy is said to be invented by Dong Xiaowan, a famous prostitute. She used to send the candy through Qinhuai River to Mao Pijiang in Rugao, so the candy is also called Qinhuai Dong Candy. The candy is crispy and tasty, and easily melts in the mouth. It won the Fine Quality Certificate in Jiangsu Province in 1985.

Baipu Dried Beancurd

It was invented during the Kangxi Period in Qing Dynasty by a person surnamed Tu. It is tender and tasty due to the special recipe and cooking process. Emperor Qianlong enjoyed it a lot and gave Tu his handwriting to praise the dried beancurd.

Linzi Wet Cake

The cake was invented during the Yongzheng period in Qing Dynasty. It is sweet but not greasy. When the cake is hot, it is as mellow as a piece of sponge; when it gets cold, it gets wet and does crumble.

Rugao Ham

Ham made in Rugao looks good and tastes delicious. In 1885, the ham company won the gold award at the Honolulu Exposition.

Rugao Sausage

It was invented by Cao Hongji in Rugao, and won the second prize at the Nanyang Industrial Exposition in 1910. In 1980s and 1990s, Rugao Sausage again won many gold awards from home and abroad.

Gold Plum Brand Dried Meat Floss

The tasty meat floss is made of lean meat, and won many gold awards in the 1980s and 1990s from home and abroad.

Rugao White Turnip

Rugao white turnip has been planted for one thousand years. It has thin skin and is tender and sweet. It is said that Rugao White Turnip is as delicious as pears. The turnip can take one’s fever away while grand him a bigger appetite. It can either be eaten raw or cooked.

Xiting Crispy Cookie

The cookie was invented in the late years of the Guangxu period, Qing Dynasty. The specially chosen ingredients make the unique cookie mellow, crispy, tasty, and sweet. Zhangjian, a famous scholar in Qing Dynasty whose hometown is Tongzhou, used to give the cookie to imperial royalties, ministers, overseas Chinese, envoys, and foreign businessmen. Since then, the cookie became extremely famous in China, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

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