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Wuhan hosts Mobile Internet Industry Forum

By Liu Kun (chinadaily.com.cn)

Updated: 2013-11-06

The annual China Optical Valley Mobile Internet Industry Forum, with the theme of mobile Internet revolution with a combination of hardware and software, was held at Wuhan's Optical Valley Kingdom Plaza on Nov 4.

The forum focused on topics related to wearable devices, multiple-screen interaction, open-source hardware and also the latest trends. Shen Jing, vice-president of Qualcomm, told participants that China has entered an era with mobile terminals taking center stage.

He also said that a new generation of electronic products, such as loudspeakers and headphones, were designed to complement mobile phones. Participants at the forum said that Google Glass is expected to be on sale in China from June 2014, and He Yingqi, who is in charge of China's first Google Glass development team, said that the glasses will involve Chinese instructions.

Google Glass, which can be ordered for $ 1,500, boasts the same functions as a Samsung S3 phone. The glasses weigh 50 grams and are fitted with a 5 mega pixel camera that can shoot 720p HD video, in addition to their Wifi and bluetooth functions.

He spoke in English during his presentation at the forum as he gave instructions to allow the glasses to take photos of the event and upload them on the micro blog within tens of seconds.

More than 100 mobile Internet enterprises are located in the Wuhan East Lake Development Zone, with a total output of nearly 10 billion yuan($ 1.64 billion).

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