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Wuhan hosts summer camp for children

By Li Hongyi (chinadaily.com.cn)

Updated: 2013-08-26

China Construction Third Engineering Bureau CO. Ltd Luqiao branch recently organized a four-day summer camp for the children of the company's migrant workers, as the youngsters normally remain in their hometown while the parents work in Wuhan, and travel to the city to see their parents during the summer holiday .

Most of the parents work on the construction sites of the Luqiao branch office, and twelve children took part in the camp, which started on August 12.

Wuhan hosts summer camp for children
Adamu,a Nigerian student at the Central China Normal University,is teaching the children some basic English in the summer camp.  

The organizers invited a Nigerian student at the Central China Normal University, called Adamu, to teach the children some basic English. Adamu is studying for a doctoral degree, and has worked as a volunteer teacher at a local primary school for two years.

The camp also included first aid training and a one day outing in Wuhan.

The increasing number of migrant workers in China's cities has created a tide of young visitors during school holidays, and the authorities are aiming to raise awareness of issues concerning the safety and well-being of this vulnerable section of society.

Edited by Niva Whyman and Le Qin