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Longest painting of Three Gorges is shown in Germany

By Le Qin (chinadaily.com.cn)

Updated: 2013-08-01

The longest painting of the Three Gorges, by Liu Zuozhong, will be exhibited in Germany on August 2, as part of a Chinese painting exhibition and artistic and cultural exchange activity with the theme “China, Yangtze River, Three Gorges,” at the invitation of the Chinese Cultural Center in Berlin and the German-Chinese Cultural Exchange Association.

The longest painting, which measures 200 meters long and reaches a height of 2 meters, was first exhibited in Germany at the 2013 Havel Chinese Cultural Festival, which was held in Rathenow on July 27.

This Three Gorges painting took Liu Zuozhong 18 years to complete. It consists of 192 scenes, depicting 12 cities and counties, before the completion of the Three Gorges project, and some scenic spots and natural scenery.

 Researchers estimate that it depicts 12,918 houses, 167,586 doors and windows, 2,378 ships and 28,612 ship windows.

Domestic and overseas media organizations have aired reports on the painting, and people in Germany will now be able to see it for themselves.

Edited by Niva Whyman