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Hubei, Taiwan sign joint agreements


Updated: 2013-05-30

Enterprises and institutes of Hubei province and Taiwan signed a series of joint agreements in the county of Miaoli, Taiwan, on May 27, ahead of the launch of the 2013 Hubei and Taiwan Cultural Exchange Tour. The agreements cover procurement of agricultural products, agricultural production and processing and tourism.

Zhongbai Group Co. Ltd, a Wuhan-based listed company engaged in commodities retailing, has placed a $500800 order for agricultural products in Miaoli county, - which will benefit residents of both Taiwan and Wuhan. According to the agreements, a procurement platform will be established between Zhongbai and Miaoli, so that Wuhan residents can gain access to high quality farm products from Taiwan. And a wholesale base of agricultural products from Dahu township in Miaoli will be established in Wuhan.

Tourist associations in Wuhan and Miaoli county have signed joint agreements to promote on greater tourism promotion of each other, and one-day tours in stops in Miaoli will be included during the tour from various tour itineraries from Wuhan to Taiwan.

Wuhan Agricultural Group signed a letter of intent for a joint venture with Ani Bio, a biotech company in Taiwan, and the two sides will cooperate to develop humane ecological farming.