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Ancient Longzhong

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Updated: 2012-01-05

Ancient Longzhong

There are three Chinese characters on the middle of the front side “古隆中", which means Ancient Longzhong.

Ancient Longzhong is the residence of Zhuge Liang, an outstanding statesman and strategist during the Three Kingdoms period. It is adjacent to Xiangfan city, covering 12 square kilometers. The scenic spot includes Longzhong Mountain, Leshan Mountain, Daqi Mountain and Xiaoqi Mountain and affiliated valleys.

Ancient Longzhong is the main spot. Nowadays, it is a scenic area with rich cultural humanistic landscape, exquisite natural environment and commemorative architecture. Whenever in August, the ancient four-person-diameter cassia trees full of golden flowers in the deep of the courtyard give out sweet fragrance.

In the woods of Longzhong Mountain there are massive relics left behind by Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and many memorial architectures of all previous dynasties. All remains reflecting Zhuge Liang’s important deeds or important events in history are of great culture meaning.

History of “Three Visits to the Thatched Cottage”

Zhuge Liang (181 - 234), whose courtesy name is Kǒngmíng, was an outstanding statesman and strategist during the Three Kingdoms period. He was born in Yangdu county in Langya Commandery, at present-day Yishui county, Shandong province.

In 207 when Zhuge Liang was 27 years old,Liu Bei visited him in person three times at Longzhong Commandery Xiangyang ,called “make three visits at the thatched cottage” in history to make inquires about the strategies of unifying China. Zhuge Liang soon presented his famous Longzhong Plan before Liu.

Ancient Longzhong
The scene shows Liu Bei paying three visits to Zhuge Liang.

The plan envisaged that Liu Bei would take over Jing and Yi provinces as a base and form an alliance with Sun Quan in order to deter and resist the more powerful and intimidating Cao Cao. The plan also stressed on the institution of economic, legal and administrative reforms.

After listening to Zhuge Liang’s penetrating thorough analysis, Liu Bei accepted his strategies, thinking Zhuge Liang was talented, thereupon he requested him to assist him to revive Han Dynasty. Since Zhuge Liang helped with Liu Bei, China formed a three kingdoms three-way confrontation.

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