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The best classic tour

Updated: 2011-12-12

■ Prize winning route: East Lake – Hubei Provincial Museum – Yellow Crane Tower – Hankou River Beach (nightscape of the Yangtze River) – Shennong’s hometown in Suizhou – historical site of chime bells from Marquis Yi’s tomb – ancient Longzhong in Xiangyang – Wudang Mountain – Shennongjia – Gezhou Dam – Xiling Gorge Scenic Area – Three Gorges Dam – ancient Jingzhou city – Jingzhou Museum

■ Prize winning reason: This route covers Hubei’s historical, cultural, natural and folk custom attractions. It is a compound route.

■ Highlights of the route: Tourists get to see the highlights of Hubei by visiting Wuhan, exploring Shennongjia, climbing Wudang Mountain, traveling through the Three Gorges and recalling the Three Kingdoms.

On the “classic tour”, tourists visit the most famous and most worthwhile tourist destinations. The middle of Hubei that reaches Yangtze River wins the name “a province with a thousand lakes”, forms a water world landscape, and shapes the vast primitive forest in the northwest of Hubei.

The classic tour also includes a visit to Yellow Crane Tower, dubbed as the “No. 1 tower in the world”; Hubei Provincial Museum collection of rare cultural relics; Wudang Mountain, a holy Taoist mountain; the primitive forest of Shennongjia; and the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, the most popular natural scene for tourists.

Different areas of Hubei have unique and classic attractions.Western Hubei features beautiful natural scenery ,rich folk culture, the famous Qingjiang River gallery, and Enshi Grand Canyon. Central Hubei lacks no human landscape, and the famous cultural cities along the Yangtze River, Wuhan, Jingzhou, Suizhou and Xiangyang, depict the thousand year transformation of Hubei. Eastern Hubei is famous for both its natural and human landscape. Wudang Mountain, Wuzu Temple and ancient Red Cliff in southern Hubei are classic symbols of the province’s charm.

These memorable landmarks in Hubei are the must-go places to visit.