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Entrepreneurship and innovation depending on education


Zheng Qiang, the president of Guizhou University, who is in Beijing for the 12th National People's Congress, which opens on March 5, says that education and entrepreneurship are important issues that he pays much attention to.

SW China Party congress members ready with proposals


Guizhou provincial delegates to China's National People's Congress say they will shine a spotlight on poverty alleviation, big data, and general livelihood on the annual meeting.

New faces at National People's Congress


New deputies, including provincial governors, scholars, judges, scientists and farmers, are preparing to make their debuts.

SW China capital city wants to get real big


Guizhou province said in a report published on Feb 17 that its 13th Five-Year Plan calls for building the capital, Guiyang, into a large metropolis.

Guizhou lays out next five-year plan


Guizhou announced on the 13th Five-year Plan (2016-20) at the 12th Guizhou provincial People's Congress's 4th session.

Southwest China's Guizhou pioneers in setting up regulation for big data


The regulation deals with issues such as how to collect and store data, what types of data can be commercialized and how to protect privacy.

A new life for ancient waterway


The Nanming River, which was heavily polluted just four years ago, will embrace a new lease on life next year when it becomes a tourism hot spot, indicating the success of long-running efforts to control water pollution, according to officials and experts.

Guizhou spending a lot to help the poor


Guizhou government officials announced that they will put 18 billion yuan ($2.74 billion) into relocating the people of 3,200 poor villages, about 300,000 in all.

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