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Guiyang, Guian ramp up big data sci-tech innovation city

Updated: 2022-02-09

Guiyang, Guian ramp up big data sci-tech innovation city

Guiyang and Guian plan to make the big data sci-tech innovation city a cluster area for the big data sector and talent. [Photo/Guiyang news network]

Guiyang city and Guian New Area – located in Southwest China's Guizhou province – are planning for the big data sci-tech innovation city.

This is expected to become a cluster area for the big data industry and expertise, a demonstration zone for digital technology applications and an exhibition zone for the creation of an ecological civilization in the future.

The sci-tech innovation city was established on Dec 28 and it is expected to become a pioneer in the development of the digital economy – by preparing territorial planning and industrial planning, enhancing its business attractions, improving operational capabilities and boosting the development of industry clusters.

Guiyang and Guian have divided the sci-tech innovation city into five sections: a central innovation area, an eco-friendly demonstration area, an office area, a living area and a landscape area.

The sci-tech innovation center is expected to develop the commercial real estate economy by designing compound functional buildings and creating 15-minute living circles that are friendly to people of all ages. It will also establish a sponge city indicator system to preserve, permeate and purify rainwater – and create an intelligent transportation system to improve the efficiency and comfort of traveling.

Guiyang and Guian have also launched eight measures to support companies and individuals settling in the sci-tech innovation center with their personnel, sites and funding. To date, 10 companies have shown interest in setting up their headquarters in the city.

Over the next three years, plans are for the sci-tech innovation city to become a park city, a new industrial city and a new central innovation area.

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