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Guian issues support policies for big data companies

Updated: 2022-01-19

To support the development of Guiyang Big Data Sci-tech Innovation City, the Guian New Area in Southwest China's Guizhou province recently released a number of policies to encourage companies to locate their operations there.

Plans are that in 2022, both Guiyang and Guian will construct 1.2 million square meters of industrial and residential buildings in Guiyang Big Data Sci-tech Innovation City, attracting 400 big data companies to establish there and generate some 3 billion yuan ($472.98 million) in annual business revenue.

In addition, property owners in Guiyang Big Data Sci-tech Innovation City will get 400 yuan in subsidies per house per month for five years if they rent out apartments and houses to people employed in the city at a preferential price.

Employees in Guiyang Big Data Sci-tech Innovation city will also enjoy a 300 yuan house purchasing subsidy per square meter, set at the highest rate of 36,000 yuan for residences located in the ecological new city of the Guian New Area.

Furthermore, office building owners in the innovation city can enjoy 30 yuan per sq m per month when renting out their buildings to companies. In the event, the building should have an occupancy of 70 percent and the companies' main business should account for more than 50 percent of its total revenue.

Companies registered in the innovation city can receive 85 percent of their taxation contributions in the first three years and 65 percent in the following two years.

For private equity investment funds and private equity fund managers who have registered with the Asset Management Association of China, investment projects registered for innovation will be rewarded according to the assessed project's performance.

Companies which receive cloud services provided by suppliers in the Guian New Area can enjoy a 50 percent subsidy on their service fees in the first five years, up to 200,000 yuan per year.

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