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Guian New Area promotes 19 types of electronic licenses

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Updated: 2021-07-30

The government affairs service center of Guian New Area – located in Southwest China's Guizhou province – has optimized its services to bring convenience to companies and residents, according to local media reports.

Relying on the province's integrated online government service platform, the service center has promoted applications for 19 types of electronic licenses.

Companies and residents can obtain 19 types of electronic certificates through the mobile terminal of the Guizhou government service network, including the Gogpay app and Guirenfuwu mini program, and use these electronic certificates to deal with government affairs.

Following authorization, these electronic certificates will be submitted and no more paper materials will be needed.

Fewer forms need to be filled out, making things more convenient for applicants and improving the efficiency of government services.

In addition, when these electronic certificates are about to expire, real-name users will be notified, allowing them to renew their licenses on time.

The 19 types of electronic licenses include marriage certificates, divorce certificates, social security cards, veterinary practice licenses, fishing permits, water intake permits, registration certificates for licensed pharmacists, medical device production licenses, cosmetics production licenses, pharmaceutical production licenses, tobacco retail permits, electronic business licenses, electronic medical insurance certificates, electronic ID cards, household registration books, residence permits, driver's licenses, driving permits, and disability certificates.

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